Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It is so nice just to sit here and do nothing. To be nowhere but home. I mentioned the other day that I am kind of tired of running around. Today, I am doing nothing. There is a sink full of dishes to do but I am not doing it until I go to start dinner. They can wait. I know I have a load of laundry that needs to be done, but  will put it off until later.
Tomorrow will be a busy day. It is my day of the month to go volunteer in Dylan's class. After we get out of there, we will grab a quick lunch and go to his doc for his 5 year check up. Since the appointment is in the afternoon, I am sure the office will be behind, and I will wait longer than the appointment itself lasts. Dylan doesn't know about the doctor part yet. Im sure there will be shots involved, so I haven't told him yet. Ethan is spending the day with Ryan's mom. Feel bad for her. Ethan can be a turd. He tends to cry a lot. I mean a lot after I leave. His crying drives me insane. I feel bad that she has to listen to it too. But he needs to get used to not being up my butt his whole life. I don't think that I am asking much from him when I leave him once a month (ok maybe a few other times too). So yeah, wish her luck with him!
This morning I let the boys decorate thier pumpkins that we got on Dylan's field trip. No paint here. Only washable markers. I am not brave enough to get paint and let them have at it. So they got to use washable markers. I did take pictures of course but, they didn't amount to much. the decorating lasted all of 10 minutes and both boys were done with it. The pumpkins are filled with scribbles, and Dylan added a couple smiley faces to his pumpkin. I had them set the pumpkins out on the porch. It is supposed to rain tomorrow. Im curious to see how the washable markers stand up. If it washes off, then I guess we get another 10 minute activity one day.
Happy Tuesday!

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