Friday, October 21, 2011

So glad the week is over

Go go go. It feels like the theme of the last few days has been "go." I am tired of going and even more tired of spending money on gas. Wednesday was the day to volunteer with Dylan's class. We made it out the door in time to drop Ethan off with Ryan's mom. Before I even set Ethan down, he started to whine. He knew I was leaving. He has it all figured out now. I guess he only cried for about 10 minutes or so this time. Not too bad I guess. Things went well with Dylan's class. I sure was ready to get out of there though. I started the day pretty tired, and had no coffee. So I only became more tired. After class we had some time to kill before Dylan's 5 year checkup with the doctor. So we ran to the bank and the went to Bob Evans for a sit down lunch. He and I both had spaghetti. The waitress was so nice. Its refreshing to get a friendly face these days. After lunch we headed to Walmart. For his birthday my Aunts had sent him some money and a note in the card to go get him a game for his new Leapfrog game system. So while I had him with me, alone, I wanted to get over there so he could pick one out himself. He looked at a few and finally settled on one. I also picked up the AC adapter for the thing so that we weren't constantly recharging the batteries. To the appointment we went. Our appointment was at 2:15. We waited 15 minutes in the waiting room to be called back, and then waited for even longer in the room for the doctor to come in. She wasn't in there long. Then we waited again for the nurse to come back and give the vaccines. Which he hated. He is just now 40 pounds and is 42 inches tall (I think). We didn't get into the parking lot until 3:50! We were in there way too long. Why do doctors offices make you wait so long? I hate the afternoon appointments too. If I can, I always try to get one of the first few appointments of the day to prevent the waiting. It just wasn't possible this time.
After we finally got out of that place we went to go pick up Ethan. We sat there for a little while before going back to meet up with Ryan and watch a load of cattle come in. It was one of the first few loads coming in, so I wanted to be there and take a few pictures. Unfortunately, it was pouring down rain, just as it had been the entire day. So we all sat in the car the whole time. After sitting for a while the boys were getting antsy so we started to leave. The truck pulled in finally. Once they started unloading the cattle, the boys were totally interested. I don't know how long it took, but not long. As soon as they were done, we left. By the time we got home that day it was 6:30. We had left the house at 8:30. We were all pretty tired and the boys were starving. Thank heavens for leftovers! Ryan ended up being up there until 1 am or so waiting on more cattle. Talk about being tired.
Thursday we did nothing. I did nothing. A load of laundry I guess. And I did make dinner. But not much else! We would have left that day to take warmer clothes up to Ryan, but I guess while up at the cattle barn the night before I picked up a nail in the tire. The tire was flat. Completely. So Thursday was a nothing day, but that was great.
Ryan got home after dark last night and didn't get a chance to change the tire. So this morning before we all left, he was out there changing that damn tire. It took him a bit, but he got it. Off to preschool we went. After dropping Dylan, Ethan and I went to have the bad tire fixed and put back on. And errands for Ryan. I had a few things to do as well, so we rushed around to get everything done and get back to pick up Dylan. I don't know how we managed it all, but we did. We are home now and don't have any plans to leave again for a while. I want a nap. Not that I will get one, but I want one.
I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

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