Thursday, April 29, 2010

It has been a rough couple of days for me. I guess its the hormones, but I just have been feeling off. Ethan must be picking up on that, because he's been grumpy, which in turn doesn't help my feelings in any way. Today, Dylan and I are dealing with our allergies. I gave him some allergy medicine that normally works, but today it doesn't seem to be.
The swaddle blankets that I ordered for Ethan arrived yesterday. It kept him wrapped nice and tight last night and he slept very well. I think I woke up once and laid another blanket on him and gave him his paci, and that was it until we got up at 7. I swear by swaddling with his kid.
Dylan was ready to go when I picked him up from school on Monday. Since they weren't outside he was ok with coming home. We ran into Kroger to get some icing to put on brownies I made for Ryan for his birthday. Ethan slept.
Most of the day today, Dylan has been standing at a front window watching the neighbors load a semi with beans. The truck has come and gone quite a few times, and Dylan runs back to the window as soon as he sees the truck coming. Ethan finally decided to nap today, so that's helped. Hopefully his mood will improve since he is getting some sleep.
I thought I would put a couple of pictures up. The first one is Dylan around 3 months old. The second is Ethan at the same age.

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