Friday, April 2, 2010

Yawn. I am sleepy, and rather grumpy. Dylan is crabby, Ethan was too. Thankfully Ethan is asleep. Dylan should be but isn't. He is in his room entertaining himself when he is supposed to be sleeping. Ethan had me up at around 6:30 this morning. He was fussing quite a bit, so I brought him downstairs to feed him unsure if he would go back to sleep. I didn't want to keep Ryan awake. So after I nursed him I laid down with him and he finally fell back asleep for a while. I think I got about 30 minutes before the rest of the house woke up. I could try to take a nap now, but I know that I wont be able to.
We are still battling the poop with Dylan. The other day I bought a Hot Wheels ambulance, showed it to Dylan and explained to him that if he makes poopy in the potty that he can have the new car. He seemed interested at the time. I then put the car up out of reach, but still in sight. I then asked him off and on if he needed to poop and if he wanted to try to poop in the potty. That first day, he did try. He would go in there and sit and grunt, but nothing ever happened. Now its been 3 days or so, and when I ask him if he wants to try to poo in the potty he just says no. I remind him of the cool new car and he seems not to care. I swear this boy will poop in his diaper until he is in high school! Ok, I know it wont last that long. I have to put him in a diaper when he sleeps. He cant control his pee when he is sleeping. He just doesn't have the bladder control for that. So since he wears a diaper during sleep times, he just saves the poo for then. It is always a huge mess when he does. It squishes out everywhere, and i have to stick him straight in the bathtub to get completely clean. It is very frustrating. I know that one of these days he will get it, but jeez!
We have a busy weekend. Saturday with Ryan's family, Sunday with mine. Hopefully Dylan will be well behaved both days. Sometimes he can get kind of wild around others. But it should be a good weekend. I think I'm ready to get out of the house for a while anyway. During the week I don't go anywhere, so I'm usually ready to do something on the weekends when Ryan is home. We got the boys a few little things for thier Easter baskets. Ethan will get a clip for his paci, a link toy, and a noisy toy that can strap to his carrier. Dylan will get a coloring book, a school bus toy, and a Nerf football thingy for outside.
Happy Easter

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