Saturday, April 10, 2010

It has been a nice weekend. The weather became decent for the most part. Dylan is spending the weekend with my Grandparents. I dropped him off Friday morning before lunch. I hope he is behaving himself. We will pick him up on Sunday. I didn't do anything yesterday. Today I finally got to see a friend's baby. Then we made a very quick trip to the mall. I would have like to have walked around more, but Ethan was being cranky pants, so we did what we needed to and just left. I at least got my jewelry cleaned, and got Dylan some short sleeve shirts. We aren't doing anything this evening. Ryan worked today and yesterday. It would have been nice if he didn't have to work, but oh well.Tomorrow before we get Dylan, we hope to have a nice lunch out together at a new place. So we'll see. Not much else right now, I am just hoping the day slows down and doesn't move so fast. I needed a little down time and it was good for Dylan to get away and have some one on one time. He enjoys being with my Grandparents so much. I really am hoping he is being good!

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