Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why is good sleep something that has to be learned or taught? Shouldn't babies just be born to sleep well? Some may be, but Ethan is not one. I know I keep complaining about it, but sheesh! I tend to be tired and frustrated some days, and just need him to nap and sleep well. Maybe I just need a vacation.
So anyway. I think Ryan and I have just decided to drop the whole "Dylan you need to poop in the potty thing." Nothing we have tried is working, so we aren't even going to acknowledge it at this point. I say, "Ryan and I" but really its only me that deals with it, because Dylan will only poop at night or during nap, and I am the one who gets him up. But now when he gets up, I am just cleaning him up without saying a word. I'm just letting it go. I am beyond frustrated with the situation, but I don't know what else to do. I have tried all of the pieces of advice that I have been given and nothing it working with this kid. So I'm done. If he wants to sit in poop, then fine, he will sit in poop. One day he will poop in the toilet, so I will do my best to just be patient and wait for that day. I don't know what else to do. So I will do nothing.
Ryan is starting to get busy. Right now they are doing their best to get the ground worked up and then they can start planting. I think he said they will start on the corn in the next week or so. Hopefully the rain backs off so they can just get things all done and not drag it out.
Then we will plant a few rows of sweet corn in a small patch of ground he set aside for a garden. He asked the other day what else I wanted to try to plant. I came up with romaine lettuce (just a couple of plants), carrots, potatoes, and green beans. Not much else appealed to me. So we'll see if we can actually get around to all of that, or if we will just stick with the sweet corn. Later in the year, I will complain about the amount of sweet corn that we have to cut and freeze.

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