Thursday, April 15, 2010

The weather has been so nice these last few days. Its been great. If I let him, Dylan would live outside. The only bad thing is the amount of bees and wasps I've been noticing. Just standing out on the porch, it seems like they are everywhere. Hopefully they all calm down soon. Id hate for Dylan to be stung. Or worse Ethan. Ethan finally slept well last night. That was so nice. He has been very talkative here in the last couple of days too. Its very entertaining. Both boys amaze me. Dylan is like a small adult most of the time. He is only 3 but sometimes I swear he is older than that. The things he says or does amaze me. I think he wants to grow up already. He was been pretty good lately. He's been very helpful too. Now if only I could get him to poop in the toilet! I really dont have much to say. My attention is divided right now. Here are a few pictures of Ethan from the past week.

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