Saturday, April 3, 2010

What a's not even noon yet. Ugh. Woke up, fed Ethan. Cleaned up kitty puke in 2 different rooms. Got Dylan up, had to clean up rancid poop from his diaper. It has leaked onto his pjs, and his blanket on his bed. Wash 2 loads of laundry. Bathe myself, and Dylan. Changed numerous poopy diapers of Ethan. This kid won't stop pooping. Fed Dylan, only enjoyed one cup of coffee for myself. Made over a dozen deviled eggs for the 2 dinners this weekend. Dried my hair. Keep in mind this is all before11:30 am. Now I am sitting beside Ethan while he again fills his diaper. He has yet to take a nap this morning too! Yay! So now, off to change his diaper...again. Then get lunch fixed. Then maybe a little down time. Its been a long morning!
Wait...I think I keep forgetting to tell about Dylan and his Scooby doll. I don't remember if I have mentioned it before. Dylan has a small Scooby Doo doll. He has been carrying it around and treating it like a baby. He wraps Scooby in a blanket, puts his to bed, which is a small tub from his toy stand, gives him an imaginary bottle, and paci. He feeds him in the high chair, and will carry him, cradling him in his arms, and even changes an imaginary diaper...its so funny! He is being a little Daddy. He really pays attention when I take care of Ethan.

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