Monday, April 12, 2010

It was a decent weekend. Dylan did behave with my Grandparents this weekend, which makes me feel better. We did to try to go to the restaurant we wanted to yesterday. It is a small burger place that we saw on either the Food Network, or Travel Channel, not sure, but it is in the German Village area of Columbus. All street side parking, small restaurants and stores. So we drove by, no parking. People everywhere on the sidewalk. So we called the place and they said they had an hour or so wait! We didn't have the time to wait an hour to be seated. Oh well. One of these days when we can leave both boys home, Ryan and I will try to go again. Who knows when that will be though. So anyway, we drove back out to the edge of the city and ate at a Mexican restaurant. It was good. Oh while we were in the German Village area, we tried to find a couple of other places. We did a quick search and there was supposed to be a rib joint and a wing joint. Both phone numbers had been disconnected when we called, so we drove to the rib joint and there was an empty building. Its so hard to find a good bbq place in this state. They are just few and far between. So Sunday we basically spent the day rushing around. No relaxing at all. This whole weekend for some reason Ethan has been so fussy. Even this morning at the grocery store he was loud and fussy. He spent most of the time on the edge of a screaming fit. And he didn't sleep well last night either, which means I didn't. I wonder if he is going through a growth spurt. For him to be fussy so much lately something must be going on. He isn't getting sick though, thankfully.
When we got home Ryan and Dylan stayed outside doing different things. I kept trying to go out with Ethan, but he wasn't having it. I tried sticking him in the sling, but I just cannot get him positioned right anymore. When he was tiny, it wasn't problem, but now no matter what I try I just cant seem to get him in here right. So I got out the carrier that goes on like a backpack, only in front and stuck him in there. He hated that. So we came back in and I finally got him to nap for a little while. I still need to work on getting him in that sling better.

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