Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just like the rest of us, Ethan has allergies. The poor kid. His nose is runny and his eyes are all red and watery. He seems fine at night, but during the day he will sneeze up a storm. He hasn't been awake for very long this morning and has already went back to sleep.
Yesterday when I went to pick Dylan up from school, it was horrible. They were all outside playing. So I walk out there to get him, and he refuses to come to me. He doesn't want to go home. So he goes and hides in a little play house! After almost 10 minutes of trying to get him out on his own, I had to physically get in there and carry him out. Of course he cried the whole time I am carrying him to the car. I was furious. I mean, he has protested leaving before, but nothing to this extent. I know he just wants to play with kids, but it was the whole minding me issue. Thankfully we had to drive home, because that gave me a chance to calm down.
This morning while I was nursing Ethan, I saw something move out the corner of my eye. It was a mouse. Yuck! It was hiding behind the tv area. So when I was done with Ethan and went and got out one of those glue boards and laid it down by the only exit it had. Then I went and got Dylan and made breakfast. Not long after all that, I heard something. Sure enough I caught the nasty thing. At that point is when the cat finally showed interest in the mouse. I had done the work for the cat, so she was ready to take over then. I just took that nasty little mouse outside and took care of it. *Knock on wood* but we haven't seen too many mice this year, or even over the winter. But that's been my morning.
I finally got Ethan to sleep past 7 am too! He woke up around 4:45 this morning so I fed him and laid him back down. He woke again at 6:50, but I was able to stick the pacifier in his mouth and he went right back to sleep until 8. Yay! He didn't fuss as much as he normally does last night. He was quieter, so I got a little more sleep too. He did fuss around midnight, but not much more after that until I nursed him.
These last few weeks we have been having issues with the birds trying to make a nest under the hood of my car. If we want to go somewhere, Ryan had to take the air hose and blow all of the stuff out so we don't catch our engine on fire. Its insane. We will come home from somewhere and within 2 hours, the birds have already started a new nest! So we will pick out what we can reach and then pop the hood. They wont make a nest with the hood up. So we will leave, come back, park, and later we will see birds flying in and out under the car. Pop the hood and sure enough they have started again. I think its been going on for over 2 weeks now. They are persist ant little things. Hopefully they give up and build the nest elsewhere soon! Its frustrating. Right now the car is sitting out there with the hood up to keep them out. They already started a nest when I got home from picking up Dylan yesterday. We got home shortly after 11, and by 1 when I went out there to pop the hood, they already started a nest. I got out what I could and then left the hood up.
I was going to post a picture of Ryan working ground from this time last year, but I don't have one. The only pictures I have are of harvest. So oh well, no pictures this time either. Its supposed to rain this weekend. So that will put a stop to the spring work. Hopefully it doesn't rain much so that they don't have to stop planting for long. Ryan is supposed to start on corn tomorrow and then they will start working ground on the land around the house here. As much as I can, I will send Dylan out to the tractor with daddy. I would love the break and Dylan would love to ride in the tractor everyday. So I am kind of looking forward to that!

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