Monday, April 26, 2010

We didn't do a lot this weekend. Ryan worked on Saturday. Sunday Dylan and I made a trip to town for a few things. Ethan stayed home with daddy. Then for dinner on Sunday, Ryan's parents took us to eat for Ryan's birthday. Today he turns 31. So we tried a new barbecue place in Cincinnati. We really didn't know what to expect. It was very casual, when we walked in, you could smell the smoker working. So good. It was counter service, so you just walked up and ordered what you wanted and they served you right there. I got ribs, coleslaw and potato salad, Ryan had ribs, chicken, collard greens and beans. The meat was amazing. You could taste the wonderful smoke flavor. The meat just fell off the rib bones. The chicken was the same way. That chicken couldn't have been more moist. Ryan said the collard greens were amazing. The potato salad was fantastic as well. It was really an awesome meal. Its called Jim Dandy's BBQ. Out back he had all of the wood stacked up that he uses for smoking the meat. He also had one of is big smokers out there. I would go back again. Very very good smoked meat.
Its cold, windy and rainy out today. Some of the day yesterday was actually sunny and warm, but the afternoon and evening brought the wind, rain and cooler weather. I hate going back and forth like this with the weather.
Ethan didn't sleep all that well last night. He fussed a lot. Before that, the last few nights have been nice. He didn't fuss till sometime after 5 usually, and then I would nurse him and he would go back to sleep. So I'm not sure what happened to him last night. He kicked his legs out of his swaddle blanket, but his arms stayed in. So kept covering his legs up and he'd kick it off, and start fussing. The velcro on that blanket is wearing out. It's not holding anymore. I did get 2 more swaddle blankets ordered on Saturday. I got one the same size as we have now, and then I found one called a graduate swaddler, for older babies. I was so happy to find a bigger blanket. They don't make may swaddle blankets for older babies. I guess because of rolling over. But Ethan will need a bigger one sooner rather than later, so I was thrilled to find one bigger. He just sleeps so much better when he is swaddled. He would never sleep well at night if he wasn't swaddled. His head control is getting better and better. These past 2 days, we have had him in his bumbo seat for a few minutes. He just loves sitting up and looking around. He is so good at holding his head up. He still doesn't enjoy laying on his tummy, so we don't put him there very much. He just screams, so its not helping when he just lays there and cries the whole time. Dylan was the same way. I'm kind of surprised Ethan doesn't enjoy it, because a month or 2 ago, he kind of liked being on his tummy. But I think that since he is more aware and interested in his surroundings, he doesn't like to be limited so much. His favorite position in sitting up, well being propped up so he can look around.
Dylan was ready to go to school again this morning. I just hope he doesn't put up a fight when I go to pick him up like he did last week. Since it is raining they wont be playing outside, so maybe he will be ready to go. No change on his pooping in the diaper. Still happening, only now MOST days he is pooping during nap AND overnight sometime. So I get to clean up a huge mess twice in one day! Yay me.
Today would be such a good day to just lay in a warm bed all day and listen to the rain hit the window. Too bad life gets in the way, haha!

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