Thursday, September 2, 2010

A very long last couple of days. Lets see if I get the days right here. Tuesday Ethan started running a fever. So I started the Ibuprofen. Lunch time came around and his fever was over 100, so to be safe I called his pediatrician's office, and spoke to the medical assistant. She told me what to watch out for and said they wanted to see him if he still had the fever the next day. Ok. He is not acting well either. He just wanted me to hold him. He kept sleeping on my chest. Normally he fights his sleep and certainly wont fall asleep on me. He is too nosey for that! So I keep on the meds all day, between the ibuprofen and tylenol. That night put him to bed as usual. He started fussing around 2 am. Ryan was already up. He just got home from a fire. I came down as he was going in Ethan's room. Ethan was burning up. Took his temp...the correct way...and it was 104.3! Ryan and I started to worry at that point. So we gave him more medicine, he was due anyway, and waited a bit to see if his temp would come down. It didn't. Well not enough to make a difference. So we checked his temp again, it was 104.1. So Ryan called his parents to come down and to stay here with Dylan while we took Ethan to the Er. It was 2 am, and we didn't want to wait around until 9 for the doctor to open.
I am so thankful that his parents came down. So when we got the the Er, their temperature reading came up to 103.9. They took blood, did a chest xray, gave him more meds and then a shot of antibiotic just to be safe. So we stayed around for a bit to make sure he was not having a reaction to the antibiotic. His fever had come down to 99 when we left. His pediatrician's office told the Er doc that they wanted to see him later as well. So we went home, Ryan got ready for work, and thankfully Ryan's parents took Dylan home with them. Ethan was so clingy, it would have been hard to do what I needed to for Dylan. I ended up getting an appointment for Ethan that morning. His temp was finally down to normal by the time we got to the office. We were keeping him on medicine so it was definitely working. His doctor said that all signs pointed to a virus. She thought it maybe roseola. Nothing serious, just fever, then rash. He hasn't the rash yet. He may or he may not we'll see.
So last night I made sure to keep on the medicine schedule of every 3 hours of ibuprofen and tylenol. He slept through me giving him the meds thankfully. His fever is staying down. I'm hoping we are almost through this. He seems like he feels somewhat better this morning, but he wasn't really awake very long before he was ready for a nap. So I'm hoping that this afternoon he will be feeling better. I'm still really tired today, but not as sleepy as I was yesterday. Hopefully tonight will be filled with more sleep. At most I think it would only be one more day of him feeling bad. He should be back to normal shortly.

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