Sunday, September 12, 2010

Not doing anything. Yesterday was a decent day.
Yesterday was also the 9 year anniversary of the terrorist attacks. Like I do every year, I watched what memorial coverage that I could and reflected on that day. A lot of things changed after that day. No those changes may not affect you in your everyday life, but somehow, at one time or another they have affected us all. Lives are still being lost because of what happened that day. Last night the History Channel ran an encore presentation of a program called "102 Minutes that Changed America." If you have never seen it, find it somewhere, somehow and watch it. I recorded it on dvr. All I can say is UNBELIEVABLE. The footage that was obtained and put together is horrific, tragic, heartbreaking, and real. Those poor people trapped in the towers. Those amazing firefighters and police officers and EMTs that risked their lives. Those poor people in the airplanes. What's so scary is that something like that can happen again.

Ethan's been in a decent mood these last couple of days which has been nice. Yesterday he actually ate green beans! He ate half of the jar for dinner, and he finished it today at lunch. He is finally eating his vegetables. I'm so proud of him! Dylan has school in the morning, hopefully that goes well.

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