Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back from vacation! We enjoyed it so much.
Packing for all of us was not easy. Finally got everyone packed on Monday and I put Dylan to bed early since he was going to get up early. Then I went to take Ethan up to Ryan's parents to put him to bed up there. Got home, loaded the car and then went to bed. I was tired. We got up on Tuesday at 4:30. Woke up Dylan and started down the road. A couple of hours later we dropped Dylan off at my grandparents. It was a long drive after that. We ended up in at the hotel about 3:30 Tuesday afternoon. The hotel was nice. We walked around the hotel for a while that evening, and then found some place to eat. We played a little in the casino and went to bed. We were tired. A lot of the same the next few days. Walked up and down the beach, and the boardwalk. Hit a few casinos, and gambled some. I could go into more detail, but that could get really long. Our ride home was ok. We got stuck in traffic for about an hour in Pennsylvania. That was not fun. Also, did you know that Philadelphia charges you $4 to cross one of thier bridges? Crazy!!!! $4, really? Yeah. Oh, and the state of Pennsylvania also charged us $18 EACH WAY to drive through thier state. Toll roads are expensive these days. Ryan drove through Philly each way, because I am not good at big city driving. Traffic getting through that town is nuts! Scary, and nuts.
The boys did well. Ethan spent the whole week Ryan's mom, and Dylan spent a couple of days with my grandparents and a couple of days with my dad. As far as I was told there were no problems with either of them.
Here are a few pictures. The first one is the boardwalk side of our hotel. And the second is looking north on the boardwalk.

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