Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ahh...quiet time. I took Dylan to be with his dad and papaw who are working in the fields today. He need to get away to something different. He was thrilled, as he always is to go work with daddy. Ethan is napping and all I hear is a ticking clock, and the whoosh of the fan in Ethan's room through the monitor. Nice.
Yesterday I finally got vegetables into Ethan! Yay for small victories! He had a container of "mixed veggies" at lunch and then squash at dinner. He finally eats veggies! I'm probably jinxing it all right now though.
I am kind of down on myself for the moment. I wish I could drop some of this weight I am carrying around. I fix decent meals, and try to control my portions, but I never seem to get very far. I just tried on my shorts from 2 summers ago, and while I could get them on, I don't believe that I could ever sit in them. They became a second skin. In my head I knew that would happen so this whole summer, that is why I have avoided shorts. I just wore the 2 pairs of jeans I have and left it alone. I hate buying clothes, because nothing ever fits right. So I don't buy clothes, unless I really really have to. Its almost a traumatic experience to go clothes shopping. I should have never tried those shorts on. I did it because of our (possible) trip next week. I should have been smarter and checked the weather forecast BEFORE I went to get them out. If I would have seen the temps for out there next week, I wouldn't have even attempted. 70s next week. That is perfect jeans weather for me. Right along the beach in the 70s will feel cool, because there is always a cool ocean breeze coming off the water.
No plans for the weekend. Ryan doesn't have to work and its supposed to rain, so we will probably just hang out here.

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