Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We have been busy ever since Friday. Finally now, on Tuesday we are done. Friday we went to my grandparents for dinner, and stayed since it was a 2 hour trip. Dylan was bouncing off of the walls from his missed nap. He could have slept in the car on the way there, but he hasn't done that for way too long. He says he had fun though. I was about to pull my hair out though. I hate when he acts that way. Ethan was happy to just be. He was wonderful.
Saturday morning we came home. That evening, friends of ours were having a cookout. So Dylan napped that day, and he was good. No major problems at all. There were 2 little girls there as well. Both were younger than he was, but it all went well. He ate wonderfully too. I was surprised at how much he ate. We stayed late there because they always buy a bunch of fireworks and set them off. They never disappoint. We don't get to hang out with our friends as much as we'd like, so it was nice. Ethan did well too. It was hot, so he was a bit cranky, but once he had a bottle I rocked him and he fell asleep, and slept for a couple of hours. He slept through the fireworks. I actually got a little bit of down time that night.
Sunday we didn't do anything. Ryan worked, the boys and I just stayed home that day. I got a few things done.
Monday evening we went to Ryan's sisters for a cookout. Dylan was...ok. He barely ate, because he refused to take the time to sit down. So he had a hot dog without the bun and that was about it. Again, it was very hot, so Ethan wasn't all that happy. He had a bottle and then took a half hour nap and then did better.
Dylan had his first experience with sparklers on Saturday. He did good. He was careful. I took a few pictures this weekend, although not as many as I had planned on. My camera took a crap on Friday. I got it working on Saturday. I will try to get them on here as soon as I can. Maybe tomorrow. We'll see. I have a lot to post from the last month or so. I don't know how many I will actually get on here though.
No plans for the week. Ethan is fine on the bottle. No problems there.

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