Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ethan had another tooth show up yesterday. You can just see the white poking through. This one is on the top, and off to the right. I'm not sure what that tooth is called. But you get the idea. Right now it doesn't seem to bother him right now. He woke up once last night though. Could be because of the tooth, or not, who knows, but I gave him the pacifier and rubbed his face and he was out again.
Dylan had a good day at school yesterday. When I went to pick him up he was filthy! I asked him if he rolled around in a dirt pile, and he said 'no' but I swear he did. He had dirt all over his face, up his arms, under his nails, and he feet were almost black. So shower for him right away. I asked him how he got so dirty and he said he was cooking hot dogs in the dirt. No idea where that came from! Where do kids get these things?

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