Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yesterday we took the boys to the aquarium down on the river. We had been wanting to go for a while now, but we finally got the time yesterday. Dylan was so excited to go. They said they don't allow strollers during the day, just in the evening, so I had Ethan in a front facing carrier that I was able to wear. Once we got there, Ryan had Dylan's hand and Dylan was pulling Ryan around looking at the tanks. I had told Ryan that he needed to slow down because we are moving too fast, but Ryan pointed out that it wasn't his fault, that it was Dylan who was in control. So he really enjoyed himself. Dylan said he wanted to see sharks and penguins. He got excited seeing all of the different turtles. There was this one area that had a glass bottom, so you could look under your feet and see the animals. Dylan was freaked out. He shuffled his feet along the edge to avoid walking on it! At the next one, Ryan basically dragged Dylan across it. Dylan had a hold of Ryan's hand pretty tightly there. It was funny.

These fish were weird. They had themselves buried in the sand, and were just sticking out of the sand sitting there. They were some sort of eels.

Dylan looking at the clown fish. At least I think that's what they are.

These were odd. Japanese Spider Crabs. They were huge!

Here Ryan lifted Dylan up to reach into a pool to touch a horseshoe crab.

So we finally got to the penguin exhibit, and it is so disappointing. It basically made me think of a small stage setup. That was it. So small, so disappointing. What you see in this picture is all there was of the exhibit.
Today, I finally got the highchair back out for Ethan and put it together. Here he is. Growing up!

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