Sunday, July 25, 2010

So Ethan finally slept all night last night. It could have been a fluke though, so we'll see how tonight goes. I put a fan in his room by his bed for some noise. So I don't know if that is what did it, but I am so thankful for a nice all night sleep. About a month ago, we got the jumperoo out of the attic for Ethan. For about a week or so, he hated it and would cry when we put him in it. But he learned to like it and now enjoys bouncing in it. Its so cute!
Ryan's fire department burn went fine. He said it was unbelievably hot between the heat of the day and then the heat from the fire. I could only imagine how miserable it was. But everything went well. He had a long day yesterday.
Just a quick update!

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  1. We keep a fan for the baby at night too. If I ever have more babies they will have fans at night as well!
    And I always will too... I never did until my BF and I started sharing a bed - now I can't sleep without a fan either. Oh well!


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