Tuesday, July 20, 2010

There are times when I sit down with Dylan, trying to get him to focus and do things, or listen to things and hopefully retain the information from what we are doing. Obviously some times go better than others. He knows his letters. He doesn't know their order yet, but I don't see that as important at this age at all. He knows the sounds that some letters make. He can count, when he wants too. Among other things, but I will get to my point here. When I was sitting with him today looking at letters it didn't go well. He wasn't having the patience to sit and listen. So of course insecurities set in. And I have to say that I often get insecure about being a parent. I always wonder if I do enough, or if I am good enough. So during one of my "am I a good mom" episodes, I started looking around on the internet for what a 4 year old should be doing. Dylan will be 4 in October. I've done this before at his younger ages and seem to forget the result of my research. I get conflicting information all over the net. There seems to be a huge range of "should be doings." I do get caught up in what other parents say their kids are doing. That seems to be where most of my fuel for this fire comes from. So while looking today I came across this one website, and it made me breathe again. It was nice. www.magicalchildhood.com/articles/4yo.htm
The text of the article was pleasant to see. I haven't gone to the other links that the article provided, so I am only talking about what is written on the page.
I still have insecurities on my parenting ability, but I guess that's normal. At least I hope it is. I certainly don't think Dylan is stupid. That's not what I am saying. The problem is whats in my head, and my thinking. There are times when Dylan surprises me with what he says or knows or does. I am sure that I will do the same thing with Ethan. Its hard sometimes not to compare yourself to others. I just have to be careful that my insecurities don't come off on the boys. It is not easy being a parent, but I love that I can be a parent. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Even if it does drive me batty at times.

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