Friday, July 23, 2010

I have been putting Ethan to bed in his crib the last few nights. He naps in there all the time, and has for months. He isn't sleeping well at all. Really it doesn't make sense to me. If he's never slept in there, fine I'd understand that, but that's not the case. He wakes quite a bit whining or crying. I went down the stairs twice last night before I slept on the couch. I wish I knew what was causing him to sleep so poorly. He didn't wake like that when he was in the pack and play in our room. So yeah, I'm tired. One short nap during the day would do wonders. But the boys' naps are not timed together this week. Ethan is switching his nap times up a bit.
Not a whole lot else going on. Tried bananas with Ethan. Not going well. I don't know why this kid doesn't like anything yet. The first day I gave him bananas he would shudder like he had a cold chill after I would get the spoon in his mouth. I guess to him, it tasted pretty bad.
Today and tomorrow, I guess the heat is supposed to get pretty bad. At 7 am this morning, it was already 79 degrees. Yuck! Heat index in the 100 supposedly later today. Same thing for tomorrow. The fire department is supposed to have a training burn and burn down an old house and barn. It seems a little crazy that these guys are voluntarily going to be in full fire gear and around a raging fire. But I guess its something that isn't easily cancelled. Permits and permission and red tape. That kind of thing. I'm sure they will be fine though.
I am kind of all over the place but hey, I'm sleepy still.

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