Monday, January 31, 2011

Not a whole lot going on. Dylan spent the weekend with my dad. Ethan had a cold. He woke up Saturday morning with a snotty nose. So here we go again. I think Dylan has it too. Both boys are acting normal though. So its not slowing them down at all. They spent near the last 30 minutes playing a tug of war with a toy. Neither wanted to give in. One was shrieking and the other one was whining and hollering 'noooooooo.' I finally got through to Dylan and it all ended, and they are playing well together...for now.
Last night I must have been living in LaLa land. I accidentally put the boys to bed over an hour early! Yes, accidentally. Dylan was exhausted and acting out and I looked at the clock thinking it was later than it really was. I swear I read it right. Anyway, I put Dylan to bed. Shortly after that I looked at the clock again, and thought it was Ethan's bedtime. Well, I put him to bed. Came out, found my cell phone to put it on the charger. When I looked on the phone, I then realized what the correct time was! I was an hour ahead of schedule. I felt so guilty for putting them to bed that early, but they both went to sleep! So I guess no harm, but man did I feel awful!
Ethan is getting better at taking steps. He is not a walker yet, but he can do it if he would just trust himself. Anyway, he is getting a little more confident. He is getting better at stacking his blocks as well. He is able to stack 6 blocks at a time. He likes to be praised for his stacking skills too.
I had more I wanted to say, but oh well. Too much going on.

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