Thursday, January 13, 2011

Both boys are doing better. They aren't over the cold yet, but they are so much better. I am so thankful for that. Hopefully just a few more days and it will all be gone. Nothing too exciting happening this week. We got a few inches of snow, and it has been blowing around so the roads are not the best. I guess that doesn't mean much to me since we usually don't go anywhere. No place to go, haha!
A couple of days ago, while Ethan was playing with his blocks he started to actually stack the blocks himself. He was able to do one on another. Yesterday he managed to get 4! Dylan quickly knocked them down though. I am so proud of him for being able to stack! So since he did that, and since he will be 1 next week I stupidly got online and went looking for the 12 month milestones. You know, the things "they" say kids should be doing at this age. I don't know why I did, because they are all over the place. I looked at 4 different websites and they all were different. I mean they did agree on somethings, but there was always something that one site would mention and another wouldn't. Anyway, I don't know why I looked. Looking at those things always frustrated me with Dylan. And this whole year that Ethan has been here, I haven't looked once. Until now. By no means to I think Ethan is behind. He is fine. Somethings he does and somethings he doesn't. I learned my lesson about reading those things the first time around. Today just backed that up. I just need to listen to my instinct and leave the internet alone! Ha! So anyway, Ethan will be a year old. So sad, but at the same time, its nice to move on from the baby stages.
This Sunday Kyle is leaving for his deployment. I'm going with mom down to the base on Sunday morning to see him go. All we can do is pray he will be safe.

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