Friday, January 7, 2011

So tired. I just feel worn out. It hasn't been the greatest week. Lots of whining and crying, not so much sleep. The boys are just not playing well together. Dylan gets mad because Ethan won't leave him alone. At the same time, he won't leave Ethan alone. One day this week Ethan refused to take his afternoon nap. That day was awful. He was so tired, but nothing I did would get him to sleep. So he just whined and cried the rest of the day. He hasn't been sleeping too great at night either. He whines off and on. I can tell he isn't really awake, but if he is making noise, then usually I am awake. He has been able to get out of his swaddle earlier and earlier. Which is why he is waking earlier in the mornings. When he isn't swaddled, he just won't sleep. I need to get brave and spend a few nights trying to get him weaned off of the whole swaddling thing. Its just hard, because I know that the next day I will be exhausted and very very pissy. So I need to do it when Ryan is home, so that if I need to lay down for a while during the day, he can be with the boys. I don't function well on limited sleep. My attitude is horrible. I am aware of it, but I can't seem to change it.
Dylan seems to be getting sick. A couple of weeks ago, a cold started around here. Ethan had it, then a week later Ryan and I had it. We got over it, aside from Ryan's cough. Well, now Dylan seems to be getting it. I wondered how he managed to escape it. Guess he didn't. Runny nose, but congested, and a bit of a cough. I hate it when the kids get sick. Its rough for them and me. He doesn't seem bothered by it much. He is annoyed at his runny nose though. I'm sure this will last a week or so and then it will get passed around again. I am doing my best to make sure Dylan keeps his hands washed, but its almost a given that Ethan will get it anyway. Its just hard to keep it from spreading.
Ethan has teeth coming out all over his mouth. He is doing well with it though. He is starting to let go of things and stand on his own. His balance is getting better and better. He knows that he can do this new trick, so he has been trying it more and more. He has also been using the walls to walk around. There is only 1 wall that is bare that he can use to walk. For the last month the Christmas tree was covering that wall. Since its been down though, Ethan has been using it to walk. He wants to be able to walk so bad. He just isn't there yet. And I am totally fine with it! Dylan was barely, and I mean barely able to walk unassisted at his first birthday party. So I wont expect Ethan to walk before his first birthday either. Dylan crawled at 9 months. Ethan crawled at 9.5 months. So I expect the walking to go the same way.
No weekend plans so that's nice. I don't mind.

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