Monday, January 3, 2011

We had a nice weekend. Finished off Christmas time with family. New Years Eve was good, but we didn't make it until midnight. I kind of knew we wouldn't. Oh well. Sunday we finally got the Christmas tree down and out of my way! I am done with Christmas. New Year, time to move on. This month my brother is leaving for Afghanistan. A few days after that, Ethan is turning 1. The bad and the good. I already got a few things out about my brother leaving so we won't go there again.

Went to the grocery this morning. Holy crap batman. My grocery bill just keeps going up and up. The cost of things are slowly rising. When a few things go up in price by only a few cents, it tends to add up over a total grocery bill. Its getting insane. I do use coupons, but normally I buy store brands, so that even with those coupons, store brands are still cheaper. I know that some people make a hobby or a job out of clipping coupons and playing the sales at different stores. I just can't seem to get into that. For one, I don't have a place to store lots of things that I am not going to use within a week, and it all just seems so overwhelming. I don't buy a lot of packaged or prepared foods. I buy things to cook with. I don't know if that is helping me or hurting me. I do know that it costs a lot to buy healthy. I have found that out. I don't know, I am just getting frustrated that things are going up. A couple of years ago, I used to be able to keep a weekly grocery bill under $80! Not even close now. Even if I take off the cost of diapers and formula. When I look at my receipt I always take those off, to keep an idea of what the actual food is costing me. Just ridiculous.
One thing I did over the weekend, was go through a website that brings together all sorts of blogs. I found quite a few blogs that I added to follow. Some cooking and some about photography. I love reading blogs. You can find blogs about all kinds of things. I am glad that these people blog. Some people are so talented and creative. I would love to take this blog further, but I am not creative enough for that.
No plans for the week. Things are slowing down again, thankfully.

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