Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well well well

So we have news I keep forgetting to share about the well drilling. So hole number 1 is done, with no water at the bottom. Since there is no water, thats why there is a hole number 1. So now on to hole number 2. The new hole will be a little further away and I hope it won't take as long to complete and hope there is water. So this was all decided on Saturday, and we hope the guy shows up sometime this week to start. Now it was raining the last 2 days, so I will give them that, but no one showed today either. So lets just shoot for tomorrow. There is no reason why someone shouldn't be here tomorrow. We shall see though!
Other than that, nothing new. It is so cold and windy out right now. At least the weather will be improving in the next few days. We had a nice morning. Did a few things around the house, kept busy so no one got bored. Dylan is napping and so are the rest of the kids (the furry ones).

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