Thursday, April 23, 2009

So the well driller dude didn't show up. We should have known. So should we say, maybe tomorrow? HA!
So yesterday evening, we took Jed, Chloe and Diesel to the vet. They all checked out good! Chloe was a whopping 4 pounds!! She was a pain in the butt last night! Wow. She just would not sleep. She whined and cried a lot. I thought she had to go to the bathroom, so each time I would bring her down to go, she'd just sit at my feet. I think I finally got some sleep at some point, but it was rough.
It seems as though our dryer is leaving us. It still works, but it's making an awful noise, so it won't last much longer I'm afraid. It acts like there is something wrong with the drum inside. Also, our TV in the living room isn't working right. It has streaks of yellow across the screen, and it is showing doubles on one side. We called a couple of places and they seem to agree that it is some sort of box thing inside that is going bad. Great. At least they are both still working. We will see what we can do with them and if we can't do anything, we will start looking for sales I guess. Both are over 10 years old.
On the bright side, it is so nice outside today!

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