Thursday, April 2, 2009

Naptime is here! My time. We managed to stay busy this morning picking up around the house. I got Dylan to help me with things, and it went well. He likes to help me clean up a little. Keeping him occupied with something different really helped. Lately he has been in this horrible phase where he constantly tells me 'no' to anything that I say. Most of the time I just ignore it, but when I need him to do something, and he gives a growling, firm 'NO' it gets very frustrating. I don't know how to get to stop doing it.
Let's see...we are still dealing with getting a new well drilled. So far they are still drilling. They have been drilling for months now, but they work only 3 hours or so a day, and only a few days a week, so I guess thats why it is taking so long. It's a little ridiculous, but there isn't much we can do about it I guess. Dylan likes to stand at the window and watch the work.
Ryan came home from work early yesterday which was nice. After dinner we went out and were able to get a little more done on Dylan's playset. We bought one for him a while ago, and started putting it up a few weeks ago. Ryan just doesn't get much time to work on it though. Between all of the days he has been picking up at work and the crazy weather, it's taking a little while to do. Hopefully it wont take too much longer though.

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