Friday, April 17, 2009


Ok, so Chloe decided to take a nap, so I'm going to do this quick. Dylan is doing well with her. He can say her name and pays a lot of attention to her, when he's no busy of course! He doesn't like it when she gets in his face though, so we will work on that and hopefully she will learn not to do that. We gave her a few toys to play with from Dylan's old stock. She likes to play with a rubber ducky, an old stuffed animal, and a plastic Easter egg. I could only get Dylan to give up one, out of his stock of 30 some! He's so funny.
Now the cats are having a harder time adjusting. I knew it wouldn't be easy for them, especially Diesel. Poor Diesel has been hiding most of the time. When she did come out, Dylan bothered her so she went back into hiding. Max has been cautiously curious. Both cats are twice Chloe's size, so they could easily put her in her place if they'd just get some courage. I think Max will adjust well, I just hope Diesel does as well.
Dylan is being nicer than I thought he would. I thought he may get a little rough with her since he's never been around a puppy before. He can tackle and waller Max, and does, so I just assumed he'd do the same to a puppy.
Chloe knows where to go to get her food, and does so whenever she wants during the day. She has yet to leave the kitchen (where her food is) though. We have a air return for our heating system just outside the kitchen door, and it scares her, so we won't go near it or around it yet. She seems to be napping quite a bit. I hope she will sleep tonight. Last night we went to sleep around 11 and she had me up shortly after that at about midnight and I took her to pee. She slept until almost 5 before she was crying hard again. So I brought her back down to pee, then she cried for a while and finally went back to sleep until we got up at 8. She cried a few times in between the 5 and 8 times. The lady we got her from said she was always up at 4:30 in the morning and would feed her then, so I imagine that Chloe's crying between 5 and 8 was hunger. But once she gets on our schedule she will do fine. She sleeps in a small crate beside the bed for now. Until she is fully house broken she'll be there. We are going to need a bigger one soon though. She likes to stretch out. She loves to have her belly rubbed, and right behind her ears.
I think she will make us happy. Of course it won't all be roses, but life never is. I do have to say that I am proud of Dylan for being so good.
He seems to be coming out of his 'no' phase and his recent boundary testing phase. So I hope that continues to improve.

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