Monday, April 6, 2009

Ok, so it snowed today. In my book, we were supposed to be done with winter. Yet its only in the 30s, very windy, and rainy and even some snow. Tomorrow, I guess is more of the same, before it finally warms up later in the week. Weather! Ugh.
Dylan had his school today. He didn't cry when I dropped him off, thankfully. He was ready to go today that's for sure. I asked him if he had fun at school today and he said "uh-huh." He does do well down there, and everyone there seems so nice.
Not much on our plate this week. Couple of things to do this weekend though. Ryan and I are still looking for something small (inexpensive) to put in his Easter basket. But Walmart's toy department seems to be sparse so it's not easy to find something that catches our eye. That store gets under my skin. But, sometimes you just need to go there to get what you need. Between their toy department and their checkout isles they have a lot to improve on.
Here's a little side note, Dylan just went to get his Elmo doll, and stuck Elmo in his old walker, and is now pushing him through the house. Some days, he changes Elmo's diaper as well. There are days when he treats that Elmo doll as another kid he can boss around. Its cute.
Ryan was home on Saturday so we got some more work done on the play set. It is starting to look like a play set now. I hope the rest of it goes quickly. Here is a picture of our progress.

Off to the right side will be a slide. Off to the left will be a tunnel that leads to a crows nest type thing. Hanging below the tunnel will be the swings. It will have a wooden roof as well. Sand goes in that empty hole behind the ladder. So I guess we have a lot left to do!

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