Thursday, April 9, 2009

Well once again we managed to stay busy this morning. There were things I needed to do around the house and finally got to them. Dylan was good thankfully. He's been...well...a little defiant lately. Testing his boundaries for sure. But I guess he took the morning off. Later, who knows.
Ryan and I attempted to work on the play set yesterday. We got about 2 hours in and that was it. Once Dylan woke from his nap we came in. He has a cold, and with the wind being so cold yesterday, I just couldn't take him out in it. Ryan is at work today, and tomorrow it is supposed to rain all day, great. Enough with the rain for a while. Hopefully we can get some work done Saturday...depends on the weather though.
Tomorrow our nephew is spending the day here. That should keep Dylan occupied. Hopefully he is good. Too bad it wont be nice outside though. It would be nice to take them outside to play.
When I was going through the house today, I realized that I need a nice tablecloth for my dining room table. I don't have one. It would make it look so nice in there. I love that table we have in the dining room, and I want to keep it looking nice. I put a lot of work in to get that table. It took a lot of me badgering Ryan to get that table! Ha ha.

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