Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Monday!
We got Dylan's play set done this weekend. We have yet to buy sand for the sandbox, but no big deal. The actual play set is built and ready to go. He was out playing on it Sunday before it rained. He did good. He can even hold on the the chains on the swing. He doesn't need a baby swing like we thought he might. Granted we don't push him very hard. He had school today. I dropped him off without any tears on his part, so that was nice. When I picked him up he was ready to come home.
Chloe is doing well. Dylan worries about her at times. But he doesn't like it when she gets in his face if he didn't instigate it. When he wants to play though, he gets right in her face and eggs her on. She has been sleeping a lot! Last night she didn't whine to go to the bathroom until 5:30 this morning! I was shocked when I looked at the clock. She just completely passes out when Dylan goes down for his nap. When he is awake, she can't usually nap well, because he makes it a point to wake her. They do well together. Its nice to know that she will never outgrow him.
The cats are still adjusting, but doing better. Max allows her to get withing slapping distance and then takes a swing. She then proceeds to chase him. Now Diesel will hiss and slap if Chloe even looks at her. Its pretty funny though!
Not much planned for the week. As of now, Ryan is supposed to have all weekend off, and it is supposed to be nice outside. So hopefully he doesn't get called in to work. We won't do much, but it will be nice to just all be home together for once!

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