Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Weekend Review

I have been fighting a headache all weekend. It woke me up very very early on Saturday morning. I sat up for a while after I took some meds because it hurt so bad to lay down. I was so tired on Saturday. We didn't do anything that day. Really. Nothing. It was bad enough that I actually had to make dinner that night.
Today I got back to life. I had to make a batch of rolls to take to Dylan's school tomorrow for their Thanksgiving party. If you have been here on this blog for a while, you know that I have a go-to roll recipe. Here is my post about them if you are interested. They are big fluffy awesome rolls. But I knew that they would be way too big for preschoolers! So today, I made them like I normally do, only instead of 12, I halved that and made 24 (or so...). They still turned out nice and fluffy and bigger than I thought they would, haha! Here they are:
And I think I am going to do that for the Thanksgiving meals that I am making them for. With a big meal like Thanksgiving, we just don't need those big ol rolls. But they turned out so well, that's what I am going to do! The house smells wonderful right now too with that fresh baked bread smell. Makes me hungry for Thanksgiving!!!!
While the bread machine was making my dough, I got some stuff done that I had been neglecting. I haven't felt like doing much all week and things around here have suffered. So I quickly got some things straightened up and laundry going. And then I sat down and addressed my Christmas cards. I know I know, its early. But I wont send them out until December sometime. I just wanted to get that part done, so that I don't forget. I like sending out cards. I like receiving cards. I know that stamps are expensive, and I think that sending Christmas cards are becoming a thing of the past, and that is sad to me. If you send out cards, thank you for keeping up a nice tradition. Lets not lose that.
When I got some of my pictures printed from this month, I finally decided to print a big print of one of my vacation photos. I normally don't print any of my photos big, because I don't think they are good enough. But I went ahead and gave this one a shot. So here it is framed:

I know its not the best picture of the picture, and excuse the flash. But what do you think?

So now the kids are having quiet time. Ethan is sleeping, Dylan is in his room playing. It is cool and very cloudy out. I am going to sit and enjoy my quiet time.

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  1. Those rolls look delicious! I wish I can bake yummy rolls like you do. Unfortunately, I am not really a good baker. **envy**


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