Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Yesterday was a long day. Dylan was having his Halloween party at school. They were having a trick or treat for all of the kids in the morning, so anyone who was available was asked to stay and pass out candy. We were supposed to do it outside and sit in our cars, but it rained. So we had to move inside. Mom met me in town to take Ethan for a bit so that I could stay with Dylan. After I did that, I left and got Ethan and did my grocery shopping, and then back to get Dylan.
Ethan was done with being in a car seat at that point. We got home and had a quick lunch. He was so grumpy! Nap for Ethan, rest for Dylan and me! I ended up waking Ethan up at 5 pm from his nap. Poor kid was exhausted. We had a quick dinner and headed out to go Trick or Treating. Ryan met us in town (he is still working in the fields). We only managed one block before Ethan decided that he was done. Ryan carried him and he rested his head on Ryan's shoulder. They had enough candy anyway. So we went up to Ryan's mom and dad so they could give the boys something for Halloween. We stayed for a bit then came home to get the boys in bed. I was so ready for them to be in bed!
Anyway, to the good part, the pictures from the day. I'm not showing pictures from his school trick or treat because there are other people in them.

Yes, I am one of those weird moms who sometimes like to dress their kids alike. Since this was the first year that I had to actually buy costumes, I just bought them both the same. I also get them the same pajamas to wear on Christmas morning. Ryan hates it. I like it. So too bad Ryan, I win. I'm the mommy. Its not like I match them to go grocery shopping!
So now that November is here I am getting anxious for the holiday season. I enjoy buying gifts for the kids and watching them all open up their gifts. Its a nice feeling. While I was at Walmart the other day I did manage to get one stocking stuffer for each boy. Its just a cheapo toy, but its something they saw at a friend's house and liked. They will probably drive me nuts with it or break it within a week, but it was only $2! Can't pass that up. They will be happy for a while at least! I also picked up a gift for one of the little girls on my side of the family. And for the other 3 girls, I know what I am going to get them I just need to order it. Then I will figure out the rest of the family. I am so ready!
Happy November!


  1. I love the MATCHING costumes. They are so cute. I dress my girls alike all the time, and not just on holidays. :)

  2. Well thank you then!!! Im glad Im not the only one. I look at it as I am trying to push along the whole 'bonding' thing since it doesn't always go well on its own, lol!

  3. Matching shirts and pants... I did it when my two boys were still toddlers. Now that they are school ages, they choose what they want to wear so I cannot push them to wear matching clothes anymore... But I plan to have a themed costume for the entire family next Halloween.

  4. Totally and completely precious. Love the costumes!

    Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com


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