Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cookbooks Anyone?

I was given a chance to pass along an opportunity to get a free E-Cookbook. I checked it out before passing it on. Depending on your email, it may take a bit of time for the confirmation to get to you. Also be sure to check your spam folder in case. It took my email about 15 minutes for it to come through. It is from Chef Jeff. He also has a website located at If you are interested, once you click on the link, you just enter your name and email. You must also have Adobe reader to view the book. Once you get the confirmation, you will click a link from your email to confirm that you really do want the book. Then he will send you a link to view the free copy. From there, you can click on the book and save it to your computer. It was easy to do, and I saved one to my computer.
Here is the link to where you can enter your name and email and get a free copy:

There are over 200 recipes, that have 10 ingredients or less, and can be made in Under 30 minutes. Check it out. No worries, its free. He doesn't ask for a credit card or your address. Just a name and an email!

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