Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

I saw this on another blog as apart of a link up. I'm not linking up, but I thought it was a nice idea, and I'm sure that they wouldn't mind me stealing this idea.

The ABCs of Thanks

A- Animals. We love our pets!
B- Babies ( ok..I stole this answer too..). Human babies, animal babies, all kinds. Look at a picture of a kitten or a puppy, and especially a newborn, and try not to smile, try not to be happy you got to experience that personally.
C-cold weather. I know that sounds weird, but without the colder weather, we wouldn't have a chance of snow on Christmas morning, and we certainly wouldn't be able to appreciate our summer months.
E- Ethan!
G-Grandparents. Our boys have awesome Grandparents, and I am so thankful for that.
I-internet..yes I am thankful I have internet access. old one that is. Without that old job, I wouldnt have met Ryan and all of this would not be happening right now!
M-mom. I have a wonderful mom that I talk to nearly everyday.
O-oceans. I love the ocean
P- pizza! I love pizza
Q-quietness. I need quietness at some point each day.
U- USA. We live in an awesome country.
V-Veterans. Thank you all for serving our great country.
W-white snow...Its pretty when its not causing traffic problems!
X-xtra leftover pizza. I know, I know, that was a stretch!
Y-yellow sun!
Z-ziplock bags! Oh, you know you are thankful for them too!


  1. great list of thankfuls! love how you did it with the alphabet!

  2. What a neat idea! I've never seen this before so thanks for reposting it!

  3. LOL... that was awesome.. Gues ABC's don't have to mean the old traditional apples and all.

    Wanted to share my poem with you if you liek so, Its about what a mom woudl do if she had 2 more hours with here. hope you like it. It's called A mother's only wish.


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