Monday, March 22, 2010

We didn't do much over the weekend. Sunday we went up to Ryan's mom and dads and had Dylan color Easter eggs with one of his cousins. It went alright. I think he is still a little young though. He just didn't have much of an attention span. I think his favorite part was putting stickers on the eggs. Saturday we didn't do anything. It was a nice weekend though. Its always nice when Ryan is home on the weekends.
Today has been a long day already, and its not even 1! Ethan has been a grump all morning for some reason. The only time he is happy is when he is asleep or nursing. He slept very well last night so he should be in a good mood. He started fussing around 3:30. I just got up and gave him the pacifier, because I could tell he wasn't really awake. He stayed asleep until 6:30 when we got up for the day. Then I got Dylan up and took him to school. He is tired. He is a bit grumpy and doesn't seem to have much energy. He didn't get a nap yesterday, so I think he is still recovering from that. He should sleep well during his nap today. At least I hope he does.
Usually if Dylan sleeps during his naptime, Ethan is awake and fussing. It seems to be rare that both boys are sleeping at the same time during the day. So we shall see!

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