Monday, March 29, 2010

Its another rainy crappy day. I think it rains about every 3 days and for 2 days at a time. This has been such a wet year. Yuck. I'm tired of all the water.
Things are well. Ethan has been fighting his sleep during the day a lot now. He will nap for about 15 minutes in between feedings and that is it. On a rare day he will sleep decently. Days where he doesn't sleep well, the evenings are horrible. By that time he is so tired and cranky. I do my best to get him to nap, but he is a good fighter. I tend to dread the evenings. During the night he is still doing well for the most part.
We all went out to dinner last night. Ethan slept the whole time. It was so nice. Dylan was very well behaved, and I actually got to eat a whole meal without Ethan crying! Normally every meal, Ethan cries. So I end up scarfing down my food to tend to him. Or I will wait to eat and have a cold meal. So last night was great, and no dishes to do after!
Not much else right now. I have put up a couple of pictures of Ethan in his swaddle blanket. I have to tie him down in this thing every night so that he will sleep. If he isn't swaddled tightly, he wont sleep and his arms will fail around and keep him awake. So each night before we go to bed, I wrap him. He is my burrito baby.

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