Friday, March 5, 2010

Not much going on here. The weather seems to be finally turning nice. That helps the mood so much. This is day 2 of full sunshine and it is wonderful. If only it were warm enough for Ethan to be outside for a while so that I could get Dylan out. Oh well, not much longer I hope. I am going stir crazy. Before Ethan, Dylan and I would just go somewhere when I'd get a little stir crazy. Now, I'm a little nervous to do that. Its all a little bit different with 2. I know I cant avoid it forever, but I guess I'm not ready to do it yet. So yeah I am going stir crazy.
Dylan is doing well. He has been a little rough lately, but I think part of it is boredom. He is still a big help at times with Ethan. It makes it nice that he is so independent. That alone is a huge help. I don't know if I could manage if he were only a year or so old and we had Ethan. I'm not all that good at multitasking and I can get a bit stressed.
Ethan's sleep is so all over the place these days. One night he will do excellent and sleep soundly in between his 2 feedings. Other nights (most nights) he will grunt and kind of fuss in between feedings. When he does that, I usually lay there awake listening to him. I can't sleep when he is fussing, its just not possible.
Now that he is getting a little older he smiles so much more. He also is talking more and more each day. By talking I mean he is cooing. But I can sit and talk to him and he will now talk back. When he does it, he gets his legs going. It looks like he is running when he does it. He gets all worked up and excited. Sometimes when he is talking, he will suck the air in to talk. When he takes a really big breath in, he will give himself the hiccups! He seems to enjoy talking, but when he gets overly excited, those darn hiccups ruin it!
Its hard to believe that in just a couple of weeks Ethan will be 2 months old. Wow. And we are getting closer and closer to Dylan's 4th birthday!! Holy cow!
No pictures, sorry.

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