Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Things are well here. Ethan has his 2 month checkup tomorrow, so that will be fun....The poor thing will be getting shots so...great...
Last night we all went out to eat. This was the first time that we've taken Ethan out to a restaurant. He did good. He just looked around most of the time. He was kind of sleepy. In the car on the way there and back he cried off and on. He isn't a fan of being in the car at all. Even just going to take Dylan to school on Mondays he cries. He doesn't cry the whole time, but enough. So car rides can be rough with him.
Now, I'm trying NOT to jinx myself, so *knock on wood* but I think Ethan maybe getting to be a good sleeper now. He usually just wakes one time each night, and its usually around 5 am! Love that! I cant believe that he is doing to well at just 2 months old (almost). After he nurses at 5, he usually goes right back to sleep. We then get up when Dylan wakes up. So mommy is getting a little more sleep now! I'm still not ready to move him to the crib in his room yet though. Even with a baby monitor. Just cant do it yet.
So we will see how his appointment goes tomorrow. Hopefully he wont cry too long after the shots.

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