Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ugh. Sickness. Dylan had a runny/sneezy nose the other day. He gets the occasional sneeze now, but it really only lasted 2 days. Yesterday Ryan complained about not feeling well and Ethan also acted like he was sick. Ethan has a post nasal drip going on. Its all running down the back of his throat so it causes him to gag and kind of choke a little. Each time he sneezes I get that blue nose sucker out and get what I can out of there. Hopefully it wont last long. But he slept amazing last night. I fed him at 9, we all went to bed shortly after. He didn't wake to nurse until 5! I had to get up in the middle of the night to pump though. Id wake quite a bit when he would gag, so I kept getting letdowns over and over again.
After he nursed at 5 he didn't start to wake again until 7:30. So that's when we got up for the day. Shockingly Ethan was all smiles this morning. Its just the sweetest thing in the world to get baby smile. And bless his sweet heart, he did his best to talk to me, but would choke/gag each time. Poor little sweetie.
But Dylan seems to be better for the most part so hopefully it wont last long with the other 2. And 'knock on wood' but I haven't shown any symptoms.

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