Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Review

Overall it was a decent weekend. Dylan spent the weekend with my dad. He left on Friday afternoon and was back on Sunday afternoon. Saturday Ethan and I didn't do anything. I wanted to, but Ethan spent most of the morning in a rather bad mood. So we just hung out here and I let him have his bad day. After his nap that day he was a bit better. Ryan brought home pizza when he was done working and we enjoyed a late dinner. Sunday morning woke up late (Ethan too!) and after breakfast headed out to the flooring store to finish up our order for the 'new' house. Later that afternoon was when I went to get Dylan.
Do you remember a few posts back I complained about there possibly being a snake in the attic and I swear I saw a snake skin? While I was gone on Sunday, Ryan went up to empty that part of the attic. It was a long piece of blue caulking. No snake skin. Caulking. Imagine my relief! There is not a snake in my attic!
Today was ok. Its ending on a crappy note. Ryan took Dylan to school so Ethan and I stayed back and got groceries later. Now, I am tired...for some reason. Honestly there is no reason why I should feel this tired. But I am. And I am extremely irritated. For a few reasons. As for the rest of the week, Wednesday, I have to be in class with Dylan. Then on Friday, Dylan has a so called field trip. I'm sure the kids will be totally interested, but for crying out loud...the field trip is at Skyline Chili..If you don't have a Skyline around, its just like Gold Star Chili. Barf! Like I said, the 5 year olds will love it. Me? Not so much. But whatever, its about the kids and the experience. I still have a lot around here I could get done. More packing. Tomorrow, I must must must get more accomplished. Saturday I slacked, when I shouldn't have.

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