Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It is almost 70 degrees outside right now. Crazy! In February in Ohio we should be around 40 some degrees I think. It is sooooo nice, but a bit odd. I am so ready for spring!
The flooring is all done in the house. All I need to do up there now is clean before we move stuff in. I got the living room done this morning while Dylan was at preschool. I am hoping to get most of the rest of it done tomorrow. We'll see. Its going to take a while for the kitchen and dining room. There was a lot of dust when they put those floors down. So there is dust everywhere now. Our living room furniture is being delivered in the morning. I imagine that within the next week, we will be moved.
Not much else has been going on. It was a rather uneventful weekend. I will be glad when we get all of this done. Once we get out of this house though, I have to come back down here and clean this place up so we can sooner rather than later, rent it out.
I took 'before' pictures today of the empty rooms up at the house. Maybe after we get everything in there I will share the before and afters.
On a side note, Ethan has been napping horribly. After less than an hour, he is awake....ugh. Someone want to babysit for a week...or a month? Haha!

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