Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I love brownies. I have yet to get a good result making them from scratch. Even with a box mix sometimes, I can mess that up. Anyway, the other day I came across a recipe from another blog called SkinnyTaste. They are called Black Bean Brownies. Basically all they are is a box brownie mix, made with pureed black beans in place of the oil and eggs. Check out SkinnyTaste if you want the recipe.
So I pureed the black beans in the blender.

You want them smooth. Then I just mixed them into the box mix and poured it into a pan. looks like regular brownies. And you know, the batter tasted just like the regular brownies, so I was very very hopeful for these things to turn out.
Here is the finished product.

After I let them cool, I cut them into little squares. They came out with a very fudgy texture. The bottoms were a bit gooey, so I dusted them with powdered sugar.

Honestly, today, the second day, they taste even better. If someone told me that they were made with black beans, I wouldn't believe them. Now, the calories are still up there with the beans. But they are much lower in fat and much higher in fiber. I mean basically, if you are going to eat brownies, this is just a more nutritious way of doing it. They aren't as sweet as normal brownies. But really, no one would know that there are black beans in them. I was pretty impressed!
I have heard of the black bean brownies for a while now. And have been wanting to try them. I am glad that I did! They are gooey, but fudgey. Try them!

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