Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So what's been going on?

Its only Tuesday, but I barely remember what happened over the weekend. Oh! Ok now I got it. If I repeat myself, sorry. I don't remember the last thing I posted. Friday evening didn't go exactly like we had planned, but I did manage to get out of the house, kid free and have dinner with a good friend. We sat for a couple of hours just talking. When was the last time I did that? No idea. It was a nice relaxing dinner. Saturday the boys and I went over to mom's for a bit. She needed a little help moving some stuff around. I know we did more that day, but it seems to have faded from my brain already. Sunday, Ryan and his dad finished getting all of the carpet tore up in the kitchen and dining room at the 'new' house.
Right now, the laminate has been put down in the dining room and they are working on the kitchen. So far the dining room looks nice. We finally picked out our stove.We are having gas lines installed in the kitchen up there for a couple of reasons. One being a gas stove. I can't wait to cook on a gas stove. So we had kind of been putting off on getting a stove until we got to the point of moving in. But I guess the gas company wants the appliance to be there when they come to install the lines.
Dylan didn't have school on Monday because it was President's Day. Honestly, I don't get why kids are out of school on Presidents Day. They should have school. I mean, if anything, teachers could take a break from regular curriculum and teach the kids about these presidents. Wouldn't that honor them more than staying home from school? So why in the world are the kids not in school that day?? Thankfully tomorrow he is back to school.
Aside from Ryan's gun safe, the upstairs is all packed up and empty. If I had a place downstairs to stack the drawers from the dressers, then they would be down here right now. I think that on Monday they are going to start installing the carpet. So once they get some rooms done, I can start moving some things. I just don't know where I am going to put everything! I really need some organization help. I am not good at being organized. If someone were to show me how to properly organize all of my stuff, then I would be set.

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