Monday, December 27, 2010

Well we had one busy weekend.
Friday started out on a bad note. I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and things snowballed that morning. I just had so much stuff to do, things got to me more than they should have. Anyway, it evened out later in the day. No big deal. Most of it was me. But I finally got through my "to do list" for the day.
Saturday was nice. We woke up, I fed Ethan, and we got ready to get Dylan up. I thought he would be excited to see the gifts under the tree, but it was more of a "whatever" reaction. So we ate breakfast, then did gifts. I made cinnamon rolls from scratch for all of us to enjoy that morning. We let Dylan open his gifts first, and kept Ethan separate. Dylan got a truck/livestock trailer combo, a kids digital camera, animals for the truck, and a bath toy from us. Then Santa brought him exactly what he wanted...a Chia pet. A Spongebob Chia pet. He was extremely excited to get it. Then we tried to have Ethan open his gift. He wasn't interested. We only got him one toy, and then a bath toy like Dylans, because we really didn't know what else to get. Between the 2 of them there is enough for Ethan to play with. Anyway, he wasn't all that interested. That held true for the rest of the weekend too. After the boys were done, Ryan and I opened ours. After gifts, Ethan went down for a nap, and Dylan was able to play with all of his toys. He loved the camera, once Daddy showed him how to use it. Once Ethan woke from his nap, we all left to go to Ryan's parents. We had a nice lunch and received nice gifts. It was nice to sit and talk with everyone too. Again, Ethan didn't care about the gifts. Dylan loved the Thomas the Train toys he got. That evening we were all pretty tired. Ryan helped me get a few things done before Sunday.
Sunday morning I got up early to stick the ham in the oven, then laid down on the couch in hopes of getting a couple more hours of sleep. Once the boys woke up, I started working on the rest of the meal for lunch that day. Mom came over to help, thankfully. We got everything ready in time, and everything turned out great. The food was great and much more than we needed. That day, mom's side of the family was coming here. It had been so windy, and was snowing off and on, and mom said the roads were a mess from the drifting snow. I was so surprised when everyone showed up that day! I was so happy that they all made it. The kids played so good together. They tore through their gifts in no time, and then went back to playing hide and seek. After everyone left, mom and Kyle (my brother) stuck around so we could exchange gifts. Ryan and I were so tired that evening.
Like I said it was a busy weekend, but it was great. I really enjoyed it. Its not often you get to see so much family all in one weekend. Got up and took Dylan to school. He was excited. I think I am having another episode of vertigo. Sunday morning I had one dizzy spell while I was sleeping. Then again this morning dizziness woke me up. Since then, it comes and goes. If I turn my head to fast, or lean over, or even tilt my head, I get dizzy and feel like I am on a boat. Who knows how long it will last. If it doesn't get worse, then it will be manageable.
As you can see there are no pictures. I took over 300 this weekend. It will take time to get through all of them. So hopefully sometime this week I will get some Christmas pictures up.
It is so hard to believe that this year is almost over. Its also hard to belive that Dylan is 4 and Ethan is soon to be 1. My babies are no babies anymore. Ethan had a molar pop through last week and is now working on one on the opposite side. Both on the top. He is doing well with them so far.

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