Sunday, December 5, 2010

It was a nice weekend. Ryan was home early on Friday, so Dylan and I ran to town and got a few things at Walmart then picked up dinner. The store was packed, so I didn't get half of what I wanted to get. We had to park way out in the middle of nowhere, and Dylan kept getting distracted by anything and everything, that it seemed to take us forever to actually get inside the store. There were just way too many people there.
The rest of the weekend we just sat at home. Ryan had a meeting at the fire department Saturday morning. While Ethan was taking his first nap that day, Dylan and I were on the computer looking at anything and everything that had to do with Santa. For some reason Dylan had Santa on the brain. I asked Dylan if he knew where Santa lived and he said "Yeah, at the firehouse." The local fire department always has Santa one night in December for all of the kids to come and see. So that is the only place (other than tv and books) that Dylan has seen Santa. It was just so funny. I asked him what he was going to ask Santa for and he said "A new bear and a big rock." He is so funny!
Saturday night we did get our Christmas tree up. I bugged Ryan all day, and he finally brought it up that evening and put it up for me. I think I have the branches where I want them, so I went ahead and put all of the decorations on it. I think I am happy with it. We also have baby gates surrounding it so that Ethan doesn't pull on it. Honestly though, Dylan is just as bad. He knows he isn't supposed to, but that doesn't mean that he wont touch it. He knows when I am distracted, and that's when he does things he isn't supposed to. Ryan worked today, so the boys and I just stayed here.
I dread getting up and dragging the boys out in the morning to take Dylan to school and get groceries. It is so cold right now and I can't imagine how cold it will feel in the morning. I shudder just thinking about it! Winter is here. Its not supposed to get out of the 20s all week I don't think. And stay in the teens at night. Yuck!
No plans this week. Staying warm!

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