Thursday, December 16, 2010

We haven't done much this week. I didn't take Dylan down to school on Monday because we got a few inches of snow. The schools were all closed and the roads were horrible. Just not worth making the drive down there. Last night I took the boys up to the firehouse so they could see Santa. I thought Ethan would cry, but he didnt! Dylan asked Santa for a Chia pet. Anyway, getting out the door was a nightmare. I laid Dylan's clothes out and told him to get dressed. He was fine until it came to putting on his socks. Something didn't go right, and he had a meltdown. Tears and all. So I helped him with that and went back to getting Ethan ready. Handed Dylan his shoes and told him to put them on. One shoe went on fine, but the other one didn't I guess, and he cried again! Meanwhile, Ethan is fighting me with all he has while I am trying to bundle him up. So I get Dylan's shoes on, get Ethan dressed. Told Dylan to get his jacket and put it on, while I try putting Ethan's on. Ethan hates it when I put his jacket on. He always throws a fit. I just expect it. Well this time Dylan had a fit, because he couldnt get his arm in his jacket for some reason. At this point, I almost said forget it we aren't going. But I knew that Ryan wanted us to go up there, so I took a few deep breaths and finished dressing them and we were out the door. Once we were there everything was fine. We stayed up there with Ryan for a bit and then came home and I finally got everyone to bed.
Friday we have a birthday party to go to, and Saturday the Christmas dinner at the firehouse. Sunday Ryan works. Here are a few pictures from the Santa visit!

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