Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving was good. It was a bit loud with all of the kids, but that is to be expected. Ethan only napped for 30 minutes before we left for the day. I was really hoping he would sleep an hour, but no such luck. Anyway, Dylan ate so much food. I was so proud of him. And he really wanted some pie, so I made sure he got some. Ethan barely ate anything. Honestly, I kind of thought he would eat more than he did. I don't know what to do with that kid. I got him to take a nap after lunch, but it still wasn't a long nap. The poor baby was so tired! It was a nice day though. We went up to Ryan's parents house. I am so glad that it was close by. We were all pretty tired that evening.
I didn't go out and do any shopping on Black Friday. There just wasn't anything that I wanted that day I guess. Today I got up early and went out with a friend of mine. There was a door buster I wanted to buy, so we had to go early. I was so surprised at the lack of people that were out! I expected crowds everywhere and there just weren't any! We hit so many stores, but I got most of my shopping done. There are still a few people I need stuff for, but it won't take long once I get it all figured out. It was a good day. Ryan stayed home with the boys.
Tonight Ryan's mom and dad came and got Dylan. They planned on going to the local parade that was this evening but its so cold out, I don't know if they ended up going or not. They did take him to dinner and are keeping him all night. That is so good for Dylan to get some one on one attention. I was so thrilled that they wanted to do that with him.
Ethan is something else. Its always something with this kid. I think he is a drama king! He loves to pull up and stand, but he cant seem to get himself back down. So he tends to stand there and scream. Then once you set him back down, it makes him mad, and he cries. He makes me nervous when he is up on his feet. He is so wobbly, but he just keeps going. He holds onto things, and cruises around all of the furniture. I swear he just wants to walk and get it over with. He just isn't able yet. But he tries.
We don't have any plans for the week as usual. I am starting to get antsy and want to put the Christmas tree up. But part of me says "no, it will be a pain keeping Ethan away from it." We have a big baby gate that I plan to put around it, but I guess something is still keeping me from doing it.

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