Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Last night I had a little trouble falling asleep. So of course my mind starts to wonder. I was thinking about Christmas coming up. Then from there, I realized that shortly after that, Ethan will be a year old. I have a hard time picturing it, and really, I have a hard time believing it. It certainly hasn't been easy with him, but at the same time, it has gone fast. I now have a 4 year old, and soon, I will have a 4 year old, and a 1 year old. Its hard to imagine what life will be like with the 2 of them around here. The fights, the laughs, the crying. Even now, a few times a day I hear Dylan say "Mommy! Ethan is touching me." or "mommy, Ethan is getting my pants." "Mommy Ethan is touching my toys." Ethan is getting quicker at getting where he wants to go. And sometimes where he wants to go is right to Dylan. Once he reaches him, Ethan (being Ethan) wants to stick Dylan foot in his mouth, or an article of clothing of Dylan's that he can reach. I'm sure once Ethan gets older, Dylan will be a little more open to Ethan being close to him. At least I hope!
Yesterday at the grocery, I remembered to grab a box of generic Cheerios in hopes of Ethan eating them. As of now he seems to like them. I read somewhere online to try giving a soft fruit or veggie to them, coated in crushed cheerios, because they may not like the soft or wet feeling of a mushy food. So I will try to give that a shot today. I'm wondering if Ethan has developed some sort of issue with textures. He eats those cheerios, he eats the Gerber puffs, Gerber dried fruit, and the Gerber freeze dried yogurt bites. All are dry and crunchy. Anything soft, and mushy (and good for him) he wont eat. Anyway, we will see how the cheerio coated food works out.
The weather has turned cool. My opinion is that it is just cold. Not winter cold, but cold. Its been windy too, which makes it feel cooler. My nose is cold right now! The living room just doesn't warm well. By the evening its not too bad, thanks to a day of full sun, but the mornings in here are quite cool. I like fall, but I am not ready for winter. This weekend they are calling for highs only in the 40s! I don't like hearing that. That's winter cold. I'm not ready for winter cold.

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